15 Ways to Spice up Your Marriage

Posted on Apr 25 2016 - 7:47pm by foodanddating


Making more of your marriage and intimacy in your marriage can be something many people don’t know where to start. However, we’ve compiled 15 tips to make the whole process a lot clearer and to give you some great ideas.

  1. Does your husband like surprises? Why not plan a special date night with dinner and intimate conversation to add romance to your relationship.


  1. Where might a passionate kiss lead? Passionately kiss your husband at random times. This kiss does not need to lead to anything else, but it might.


  1. Does your husband need to unwind after work? After a hard day, your husband might love a back rub or foot massage to reduce tension.


  1. Do you let your husband know how much you love him? Randomly send texts to your husband letting you know why you appreciate and love him. Here are some more good relationship ideas from New Dimensions.


  1. Do you like late-night pillow talk? Spend time talking about special times you spent together.


  1. How do you say goodbye to your husband in the morning? Why not whisper in his ear that you’ll miss him and can’t wait for him to get home. He’ll be thinking about you all day.


  1. Do you spend time together? Schedule time to spend with each other, every week. Make this time something you both prepare for.


  1. Does your husband know how much you want him? Leave little notes for your husband to let him know how much you love being with him.


  1. Do you think you’re too old to play? You’re never too old to play a fun game or tickle each other. Your only goal is to have a laugh with each other.


  1. What you wear to bed? Why not ask your husband what he wants to see you wearing to bed.


  1. What is your perspective on marriage? Think about what’s important, at those times when your husband isn’t doing what you think you should do. Remind yourself that your husband’s heart is in the right place.


  1. Do both of you use social media? Tag him, post pictures and brag about him. He will enjoy your public display of admiration.


  1. Are you spontaneous? Take the day off and do something unexpected, even if it’s just enjoying each other’s company.


  1. Do you shower together? The shower is the perfect place to cultivate intimacy and connect with your husband, without worrying about interruptions from your phone or television.


  1. What about a family date? Plan a date with your husband and kids. Treat this like a real date, but be flexible. This date is a great way to teach your children about marriage in a positive way.

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