5 Tips to Look Your Best on Date Night

Posted on Aug 16 2016 - 10:37pm by foodanddating


Choosing an outfit for date night can be a daunting task. If you’re going on a first date, then you have to figure out what kind of impression you want to make. Do you stick with the classic LBD or do you opt for something a little sexier? If you’re in a relationship, and you’re going on what must be your 100th date, how do you keep your look fresh and interesting after all this time?

No matter what you wear, there’s one accessory you should always bring to a date—your confidence. Instead of trying to imagine the outfit your date might like to see on you, dress to please yourself. Just ask Lavanya Coodly, a designer who makes Bohemian-luxe pieces for the cosmopolitan woman. “You should be comfortable in your own clothing choices and in your own skin,” she says.

So, what outfit makes you feel elegant, feminine, sexy, or simply the best version of yourself? If nothing in your closet fits that description, consider these five tips to find your perfect date night outfit.

  1. Wear pieces that reflect your personal style.
    Finding the materials, colors, patterns, and textures you’re most attracted to will help you better express your style. Look for designers like Lavanya Coodly, whose strategic use of Bohemian patterns and vibrant colors incorporates all of these elements in unique ways.
  2. Trade your mini skirt for a pair of shorts.
    Shorts don’t typically make the list of appropriate date-wear, but that’s beginning to change. Find a pair made with a higher quality, natural material like silk or leather that you’ll be able to dress up with heels for an evening of cocktails and fine dining.
  3. Make a statement with lipstick.
    A swipe of lipstick in a flattering shade, whether it’s your signature red or a subtler pink, instantly elevates any outfit. Find a versatile color that makes you feel beautiful, and you’re guaranteed to look amazing on date night.
  4. Look for clothing that resonates with your idea of glamour.
    “Nothing feels better on your body than real cotton, real silk, or real wool,” says Lavanya Coodly. Pieces that feel luxurious on your skin will help you feel glamorous all evening.
  5. Go for comfort.
    Tight isn’t always right. A flowing silk number, like Lavanya Coodly’s Arabela Dress, is sexy in an understated way—and the graceful drape of the material will add an ultra-feminine vibe to your look.


For more date night outfit ideas or simply to check out Lavanya Coodly’s Bohemian-luxe designs, visit http://lavanyacoodly.com.



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