6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Affordable Luxury Watches

Posted on Nov 16 2016 - 7:48am by foodanddating



London based online store Lord Timepieces offer unique watches for under £100 – and with stunning and classic designs, there’s a look everyone will enjoy. Featuring skeleton faces, leather straps, rose gold edging, luminous blue accents, full metal wristbands and more! There’s really no argument when you compare the quality of Lord Timepieces products to other designers who expect you to break the bank for the sake of their label, so I’ve given you 6 reasons below to shop for affordable luxury watches over big name brands!

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Affordable Luxury Watches

1. They’re an investment

The idea that something is luxury generally gets us thinking about the expense of it. Luxury items are often an investment for something special! But when it’s affordable like Lord Timepieces collections, then you won’t even have to feel guilty about that one time transaction. It’s ‘no hard feelings’ retail-therapy.

2. They allow you to display your excellent taste

It’s not necessary to pay extortionate prices in order to own a beautiful looking timepiece! An affordable watch that looks affluent is far more appealing than some of the more expensive watch brands that can end up looking cheap.

3. The brand is up and coming

Because Lord Timepieces is still an expanding venture, their designs are appealing to an audience who are tired of the mainstream brands that everyone has on their wrists. They’ll be the brand to quite literally watch (excuse the pun) for a bright future in retail and fashion. Currently the watch retailer for those in the know, it’s only a matter of time before this brand expands to become a household name.

4. You could afford several styles

As a woman who loves nothing more than a multitude of accessories to choose from, the thought of spending hundreds or thousands on just one materialistic item breaks my heart a little bit. Think about it this way, if you’re about to splurge £500 on a gold and black watch, you could buy five Lord Timepieces watches all in different styles and colours so instead of having the one (which you will find, won’t match everything you want to style it with), you can have a multitude of coloured watches instead! One for every day of the week, or one for every occasion or mood.

5. Think of all the other things you could buy

If you spend only £60 on something you budgeted more for, simply think of it as getting more for your money because now you can use the leftover budget to purchase matching accessories – or perhaps spend it on an experience – such as a fancy dinner where you can actually show off your new found wrist buddy!

6. Watches are a statement and you can wear yours every day

You can build a collection to match different outfits, and to complete your look. However, a real timepiece represents more than an item of jewellery. It’s also a reminder that time is constantly slipping away. The hands on your watch will never stop moving, and neither should you.
If you spent less money on the watch in the first place, replacing and repairing it won’t seem that big of a deal. Of course, money is no object either when it comes to something so iconic as a watch – it’s a part of you and as long as you enjoy wearing it, that’s all that matters!

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