Blue Willow Teaspot

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Tea is loved by many, whether as a daily staple or a luxurious occasional treat. Blue Willow Teaspot, a tasting room to be opened by the owner of Blue Willow Tea, will feature teas prepared as they would be at their origin. The wholesale company has been supplying premium teas to cafes and restaurants locally and nationwide for nearly 10 years. The new Berkeley location will serve as both a warehouse and a storefront.

Blue Willow Teaspot will have a cupping room where owner Ali Roth will host workshops which explore the seasonal changes in tea and the unique characteristics of growing regions. Customers will also have the chance to meet with farmers and attend Q&A events to learn about growing methods and traditional preparations of the tea. The tea shop will also feature a Japanese tea room where guests can enjoy ceremonial grade matcha in the Omotesenke style. Ali hopes to make the shop an inviting and cozy place to enjoy tea and learn more about the beloved beverage.

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