Brendan and Karen’s Quirky Kitchen Club

Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 1:57am by foodanddating


Are you looking for kitchen items that are unique, fun, or just something you never thought you needed? We have what we like to call the Quirky answer.

I would like to introduce you to our Quirky Kitchen store. My name is Brendan and I have spent numerous hours (and still am) finding amazing products that make the Kitchen fun.

I will start by letting you know a little about myself and Karen, and would love to share our road map with you about what you can expect to see on our site in the near future.

I would consider myself a bit on the geek side; I’m usually the guy that will tell (hilarious) dad jokes, or quote obscure references from a movie, game, TV series etc. More often then not the result being either a notable cringe or a blank stare with the glorious sounds of crickets.

This being said the complete opposite is (normally) in effect when I talk to my wife who happens to also be my best friend #BFF. Statistically at least 80% of the time she will laugh at my joke, then improve on it.

Karen is part Italian, loves to cook will often state “food is love”. She can and does love to cook meanwhile I’m the designated dishwasher that will occasionally be on stir duties.

Why is this important you ask? Well, we work very well together, she (Karen) loves spending time in the Kitchen, she loves one liner jokes and I genuinely love unique products that can turn something ordinary (like a mug) into the office envy. I can vouch for the Build-On-Brick Mug. Anyone that knows me well, will know I have proudly been using this for a long time.

We both fell in love with the idea of sharing a little of our Quirkiness on the big world of the internet and got started. Everything just jelled very nicely we love the branding, the products and the idea.

Our vision is to Our vision is to have a dynamic store that is ever changing with the new and old, classic and innovative but most of all Quirky!!!

Our focus will be entertaining our audience, we have already hidden various Easter Eggs and puns on our site. If your reading this I can even tell you I hid a discount code aptly named “EasterEgg” in our stores FAQ’s.

You can expect to see new products almost every month which will include one of our famous pun-tastic lines and we promise to aim for our products to match our overall vision of having fun in the kitchen.

Quirky Kitchen Club



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