Does Your Special Dog Suffer from Allergies? Solutions by Doggy Goo

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Up to 25% of dogs suffer from allergies. Most of these dogs suffer from allergy to environmental sources. Common Environmental Allergy Sources include: Grass / Tree / Weed Pollens, Dust Mites; and Mold Spores. In fact, 80% of Dogs suffer from the same environmental sources that us humans suffer from.

Skin conditions, ear infections, persistent itching or gastrointestinal problems are signs of an unbalanced or weakened immune system. Medications like Corticosteroids and Antibiotics don’t actually get rid of the symptoms and most medications have underlying side effects that can cause other health related issues.
You’re wondering if there are any solutions to all these problems, well there is.
We are introducing Doggy GOO which utilizes a similar methodology as allergy shots but in an easy to administer, pet-friendly way. Daily use of Doggy GOO ™ can help build immune system tolerance to the environmental offenders that are making your dog miserable.

Doggy GOO ™ is all natural: Organic Nut Butter with Omega-3 with Flax Seed Oil by Once Again NUT Butter – 100% Organic / No Salt Added. It builds heightened Immune System Tolerance to Pollens, Dust Mites & Molds.

If your Dog suffers from the Itching, Biting, Gunky Ears or Hot Spots associated with Environmental Allergies we suggest giving Doggy GOO ™ a Try.

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