Dupion Silk Sarees – Reasons to remain in trends in 2017

Posted on Jan 2 2017 - 5:28pm by foodanddating

191301Dupion silk is a kind of silk material that is slightly rough and thicker than regular silk.
It has an irregular, ribbed sort of pattern, giving it a textured look. However, the extent of the texture varies between different colors. Dupion silk is made from the purest and finest of silk threads. Lalgate Fashion has showcase outstanding collection of silk sarees.

A variety of advantages are offered by this fabric. First of all dupion silk fabric is completely reversible which renders usability on both sides of the material. Secondly it is almost wrinkle-resistant leading to higher convenience, and lastly it takes kindly to creases making the outfit or saree look sharp and crisp always. Also, this silk can be easily dyed. The only disadvantage is that this fabric lacks the ability to stretch.

Dupion silk sarees give out a gorgeous sheen, making the sarees look rich, classy and extremely beautiful. Especially among the darker shades, the shine is more.
These sarees are suitable for weddings, festivals, functions, parties and various other kinds of formal occasions.

Dupion sarees can be worn with blouses suited to the particular occasion it is worn for. Both traditional as well as trendy design cholis look great with dupion silk sarees.

Indian designers keep a large collection of these silk sarees. High end retail stores also stock dupion silk sarees to cater to the women who wear them. It is mostly worn by the elite crowd.

A dupion saree can be plain, have beads, embroidery, sequins, pearls, zari, weaves, prints, and can also be adored with lovely borders. These sarees also look great when embossed work is done on them. The overall finish that comes across when a dupion silk saree is combined with embellishments is simply spectacular.

As it is becoming the trend these days, offering online shopping is a must.
Hence, shopping for Dupion silk saree on the web is offered both by designers as well as the retail stores. This makes it easy to view online catalogs, colors, prices, designs and place orders instantly.

Dupion sarees have a natural tendency to appear expensive because of the amazingly rich texture the fabric has. Women wearing such sarees look wonderful, and when coupled with the correct cholis and accessories, they completely stand a class apart.

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