First Date – Spark Conversations With These Helpful Questions

Posted on Feb 28 2016 - 11:39pm by Lily


Wow! First date already? Go for it and have a fun time! But if you are one of those people who get tongue-tied and flushed if you don’t have a set of questions to help guide you, then worry no more! Here are some refreshing first date questions that may help you out in your date:

1. Do you have pets and what are they? Mundane question, sure. But then again, the answer could lead to more questions and more interactions between you two.

2. What do your parents do? Well, of course, not only does this give you a background of your date, but this first date question also allows you to know how close your date is to his/her folks. A person who has good family bonds is generally a person who is good in commitments. Besides, talking about this topic would also mean that you can share about your wonderful family. Win-win situation, right?

3. Where did you study? Right, so this could give you a little educational background check on your date. Besides, school life, especially college life is so much fun to talk about, and there’s always something more to share because it’s an experience that you both might have in common.

4. What’s your favorite music? This is usually followed by, “Who is your favorite singer/band?” Music is something that most people love or like, so in this sense, you can have more to talk about once you share your side and whether or not you like music.

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