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Posted on Feb 22 2017 - 4:21pm by foodanddating


The explosion of social media has been a tremendous boon for the curious foodie. There are tons of different platforms for learning new recipes, sharing thoughts on restaurants, or keeping up with favorite chefs. When it comes to sharing photos of fine food, though, Instagram undoubtedly reigns supreme.


Thanks to the egalitarian nature of Instagram that puts every user on an even playing field, the platform has served to create more than a few new food celebrities that lack the traditional professional credentials that were once required to speak with authority on the topic of cuisine. Just understanding the foodie spirit and exercising good judgment about the content you share can put you well on the way to influence and notoriety.


This is not to say that the foodie game on Instagram is an amateur-only field. Pros and media teams are paying attention, too. On Bravo’s celebrated Top Chef not too long ago, Instagram played a vital role in a plating challenge. The same episode also featured the unmasking of celebrated anonymous Instagram foodie @chefjacqueslamerde – and attracted 7,000 new followers to the program’s own feed.


The best foodie Instagram accounts aren’t just about beautiful pictures. They’re also thought-provoking and conversation-starting. Here are five that we particularly love:




Followers: 86,000


FoodBabyNY actually started out in another section of the internet. The account was originally associated with Yelp reviews of eateries in New York City. The family behind the account seems to take every meal at one restaurant or another. The kids are frequently front and center to make their photos that much cuter! Every meal includes relevant hashtags and geotags, making this unending culinary journey easy to follow. The account is also starting to do reviews of mail-order foods and participating in the occasional feed takeover.




Followers: 36,000


This cereal-centric account is exploring some of the great positive possibilities of brand partnership. Covering marshmallows and cereal and all the delicious ways they can be combined, this delicious account proved to be a path to a brand new career for Jessica Siskin, the owner.




Followers: 285,000


This artist and photographer from Norway is highly experienced at turning everyday foods into delightful characters and scenes. The owner has parlayed her online popularity into a book on fun, healthy eating, plenty of popular brand partnerships, and a lot of fun contests. Find Ida on Pinterest in addition to Instagram.




Followers: 296,000


Though this New York college student’s feed doesn’t play the hashtag game, the bright, gorgeous food photos more than make up for any perceived weakness. With regular contests and partnerships, this fun, youthful account is definitely one to follow.




Followers: 527,000


This juggernaut of the foodie world pioneered the #EEEEEATS hashtag and has regional sub-accounts for local foodie content. Brand partnerships have included Budweiser and Epicurious, and the account also participates regularly in feed takeovers.

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