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Posted on Jan 19 2017 - 10:15pm by foodanddating


The New Year is finally here and it’s that time of the year where we all aim to become our best selves. While our resolutions are not yet broken and optimism is at an all time high its time to start this year on the right foot. The one thing that makes it difficult to keep New Years resolutions is the inconvenience of having to leave the house to accomplish your goals.  For instance if your goal is to learn some amazing makeup tips to have a flawless look, going to Sephora early on a Saturday or Sunday morning isn’t an ideal scenario. Another example is the many bodies that have inhabited the gyms since January 1st, which makes finding equipment to workout on a nightmare. Fortunately, we are in a day and age where technology reigns and with the newest website and app, Hauls.com it’s all become easier than ever.

Hauls.com is the only social shopping platform where vlogging, social media, and online shopping have combined to make one seamless product. Hauls.com makes it easier for viewers to buy their favorite vloggers must-have products, while simultaneously watching their favorite vloggers videos. Hauls.com is affiliated directly and indirectly with over 40,000 beauty and fashion retail brands. These affiliations make it easier for the viewers to purchase products from Haulers profile page and instantaneously connects them to a checkout page, where they can get top products sent straight to your door.

Hauls.com provides viewers to get popular fashion and beauty trend tips for 2017 from high profile fashionistas and vloggers, all from the convenience of your own home. Hauls is gaining notoriety and new Haulers are joining the website on a daily basis.  Viewers can learn the best makeup and style tips for the New Year through great tutorials, thanks to Hauls providing a top of the line back end for their Haulers. Hauls back end has video creation tools that will help even the newest of video editors make a seamless final product. The back end is also equipped with analytics so Haulers know exactly what products and topics viewers are excited about.  Check out some of these winter style tips from top Haulers that will get you will be excited to rock this New Year.

Never Underestimate the Legging

When leggings first appeared on the fashion scene, big household names were not convinced of their longevity. However, the legging got more power as people from all over started trading in their jeans for a more comfortable substitute. High fashion has finally surrendered to the pant that won’t die, and has featured leggings in top runway shows under dresses and skirts. Leggings are the perfect layering clothing for those cold winter days.


For more information on how to look your best this New Years please visit, Hauls.com. Make sure to download HAULS in the app store (http://tinyurl.com/haulsapp) and follow HAULS.com on all social media platforms to get behind the scenes sneak peeks. Twitter: @HaulsTV, Facebook: @Hauls.inc, Instagram: @Hauls.inc.

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