Low Self Esteem and How It Affects Dating

Posted on Dec 4 2016 - 2:33am by foodanddating

Self esteem and dating

You step into a dinner party and you look around the room and you see men and women socializing with each other. They carry an air of confidence as they talk about what’s happening in their daily lives. You sit down at your table with a glass of champagne and start to think about how you will join a conversation. As you continue to ponder, your heart rate increases and you become anxious. Thoughts fill your mind; What if I’m not smart enough, the women and men here are so much more beautiful, they’ll think I’m strange. These are symptoms of low self esteem.

Self Esteem is related to the evaluation of ourselves. Low self esteem can come from certain events like getting a divorce, failing classes or being rejected for a job. When you are in a room filled with other people you become withdrawn. Another way of saying it is you become detached from social or emotional involvement. This can cause you to date the wrong people. Someone who is just looking to take advantage of you will see that you are in a dark place and will make you feel good just to get something from you and then leave you with nothing. Such are the dangers of having a low self-esteem.

What can you do to boost self-esteem? Take the time to explore your mind and become aware of negative self judgement. If you find yourself thinking negatively about yourself and circumstances try thought stopping and practice thought replacement with a positive thought.

Here are 5 tips to increase Self Esteem written by Bill McManus, LCSW (Psychotherpist in Flatiron District, New York)

You should consider working through with a qualified mental health professional. A psychotherapist can help you through your problems by understanding your moods, thoughts, feelings and behaviors and help you work through them. If that is not an option available to you then there are some books that you can find for as low as .99 cents on Amazon that you can read. See Book List

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