Never Settle For Just A Standard Wedding Make It Epic

Posted on Mar 24 2017 - 8:56pm by foodanddating


Your special day should be one that makes you feel special and an ordinary wedding might not do that for you. Since you are the star attraction on this day, it should be unforgettable for everyone.

You could hire someone to plan the entire event, but that would not be pouring your own essence into it. Besides, wedding planners pretty much follow the standard approach and that is often far from EPIC.

Before contacting any wedding planning or catering company, go over your wishes with your intended making a list of what is important to both of you. Food may be at the top of the list, or it could be something else. this pre-wedding planning will go a long way in getting things right.

In case you some inspiration for ideas, the following might help.

Film Crew

There is a chance that you will want to remember this occasion in vivid detail ten years from now. No, I’m not talking about the steaming plate of scrumptious food brought out by the wedding caterers’ waiters either. I am instead referring to the moment you spoke the words “I do” when your hearts melded into one. A good film crew is an essential element for documenting such memories.

When interviewing film crews, make sure they are well experienced in video equipment operation. Some equipment to ask about is a glide cam with body vest and stabilizing arm, wireless boom mic and ensure that everything is recorded digitally. Your film crew should also include a helper to reload cameras with fresh memory cards to prevent missed shots.


As with video recording your wedding, your photograph will likely remain as your Facebook profile for some time to come. You want to make the best possible choice here. Check out their online portfolio prior to speaking with them to determine which options you like. Photographers are artists and their WebPages will tell it like it is.

For best results, your wedding photographer should be there with the bridal party capturing images throughout preparations for the ceremony. That way he will have warmed up and ready to snap the most important photo of the day when you day your vows.

Make Up

Great make up is vital for getting the best photographs and that includes the gentlemen. It is not about reducing your manly image, but rather enhancing you with a polished appearance. Besides, only those who know you best will even notice the make up. Even skin tones provide a healthy, clean look for better photographic results.


This is the person charged with walking each person in the party through their roles prior to the ceremony. For more conservative couples, you may wish this to be someone who matches your personalities. The same goes for those who are more outgoing and larger than life.

Someone in possession of a great sense of humor is ideal for this kind of day. Improvising or going off script will give you something to look back on with a laugh. Meeting a number of celebrants will provide you with the opportunity to find one that makes you smile.

You might be the kind of person who would like to add the “Awww!” into the celebration. If so, choose someone who reminds you of a sweet grandmother. Just be advised that this will inspire lots of happy tears.

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is very important since it helps reflect the vibe you are trying to achieve. This is not always easy to put into words, but the right venue will contribute to the perfect vibe.

Aspects to consider for the perfect venue include that it will be the foundation for all video and photography elements of the day. Adequate transportation must be available for everyone and it should have plenty of room for food preparation. Finally, does the venue speak well of you and your partner. That could be a grand suburban mansion or a quaint country venue.

Regardless what you choose for your wedding venue, have a good look at it before actually booking it.


When choosing wedding catering, determine when and to what extent attendees will be fed. Are you willing to allow them to attend your special day on empty stomach where their main concern is when they will be able to satisfy their hunger?

Will you be choosing a theme for your wedding caterers to follow? Remember the food served at your wedding will speak loudly about who you are.

Do you or someone who will be attending have allergies to certain foods? You will need to address this when planning your menu with the catering company. It would be a shame to have this event marred by someone having a reaction. That would become a lasting memory of your special day.

You don’t want anyone going hungry, even those on special or restricted diets. Even with restrictions, there is no reason your menu cannot still rock your world. A great chef can ensure that regardless the style of food being prepared all taste buds in attendance will have a great experience.

Without a doubt, even if you or someone in your party is a vegan your chef should know about this in advance. Many people do not discriminate against any food and are happy to eat what is placed in front of them. However, it is still good practice to honor those who do with suitable food. Not to labor the point, but seasoned chefs can create amazing food that is vegan friendly, carb free or paleo that will satisfy the most finicky taste buds.

The truth is that there may be that one person who will not be happy no matter what food you serve. This is their problem not yours, so don’t worry about this when it happens.

This Is Important To Remember!

The most important thing to remember at the end of the day is whether or not you want all in attendance to be smiling like you two will be doing. There is no need to spend your life savings on your wedding day, but you do want to ensure that you cover all the points on your list so that good foundations have been laid with solid wedding plans. Best wishes to you for a wonderful union of two souls. Now, if the time is right, go celebrate with a little taste of the bubbly and have a great evening.

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