Papa Wolfe’s Stage Door Smokehouse

Posted on Sep 10 2016 - 11:20pm by foodanddating

So, what do you get when Southern Smokehouse BBQ meets NY deli-style fare and gourmet specials? Not a punchline, but probably a satiated appetite. Papa Wolfe’s Stage Door Smokehouse is a chef-owned and operated family friendly restaurant and music venue located in Oakville, Washington. They offer some mouthwatering favorites such as their famous marinated, dry-rubbed, slow smoked pork ribs, beef brisket, pastrami, corned-beef, pulled pork, and wings. The smokehouse also offers some great guest entertainment, featuring a venue that welcomes musicians, bands, and comedians.

Papa Wolfe’s Stage Door Smokehouse is currently undergoing renovations. The kitchen, concert sound and lighting, and other necessities have been updated. The restaurant still needs work to open, including a new septic system and exhaust hood and air intake system. Owner Mark Wolfe is willing to put everything into getting this unique restaurant up to standards, hoping that future patrons will be able to enjoy what the venue has to offer.

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