Pearly Whites Australia – Get a Whiter Smile Today (without emptying your wallet)

Posted on Dec 14 2016 - 10:26pm by foodanddating

Pearly Whites Australia offer premium teeth whitening products that you can safely use at home. Approved by the FDA, their OTC whitening kits, strips and pens are ideal for home use and range from kits containing 35% carbamide whitening gel all the way to coconut oil and activated charcoal whitening strips with no carbamide peroxide at all. With tens of thousands of happy customers in the US, Australia and around the world, Pearly Whites is the tooth whitening brand to trust.

What Impact Does the Color of Your Teeth Have?

A study carried out by a leading US dental care company revealed that having a brighter smile can have a positive impact on how people view you, boosting your attractiveness by approximately 20%. Because western culture is obsessed with youth and beauty it’s no surprise that studies show that a whiter smile actually makes you appear younger. As well as perceived youthfulness, whiter teeth have been associated with wealth and status. In addition, having whiter teeth has been shown to double peoples’ perception as to whether you’ve gone to university, or been privately educated.

According to the American Cosmetic and Dentistry Academy, approximately 40% of people are not happy with the appearance of their teeth. It’s estimated that we spend approximately $1.5 billion annual to change the way our teeth look.


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