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One of the greatest gifts that Italians have given the world is the pizza. For most people, it is more than just dough covered with tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella and pepperoni. For them, pizza means life or even love.

That said, if you ever happen to be at Pakenham in Melbourne, make sure to visit us at Bubba Pizza, as we are the best pizza stop. Our home made recipe for making pizza has been recognized all over the suburb, and we are starting to make some noise in all of Melbourne. We have been in this business since the year 2000, and we have our regular customers to testify just how great our pizza is.

There are over 32,000 people in Pakenham and 7 billion in the world. As such, we try to suit everyone’s preferences by offering various toppings and different sizes for the crust. Some people love saving the crust for last while others just ignore the crust and toss it in the box. With our pizza, though, you are sure to enjoy the crust up to the last crumb.
If you’re the type who loves protein, you can order our Meat deluxe. If you like the greens, then order our SuperVeg pizza. Here at Bubba, we make them thick or thin. The proportion of the dough always compliments the toppings we put on your pizza. This is all about balance and an outburst of different flavors. Pizza Pakenham is done right all the time.

Pizza Pakenham – Whatever Delights You
Our menu is wild and consistent at the same time. We offer the classics like pepperoni and the usual Italian pizza. We also serve new topping combinations like chicken avocado, garlic prawn, pesto chicken, and more. The selection of our menu has been inspired by our very own loyal customers. Experimenting is also a huge part of our business. There are thousands of people in Pakenham, and we want to give them specifically what they want. This is why our menu is classified into amazing flavors with different spices and toppings.

Cheese is like the holy grail of pizza. With our pizza Pakenham, we use all kinds of cheese, but our main arsenals are the mozzarella and the fetta cheese. These provide a diversity of flavors that please thousands of taste buds.

Our pizza Pakenham is mostly cooked in our ovens. We have customers who are set in their ways and who order the same pizza all the time, but then we also have customers who, like us, love trying out new things. If you’re confused and are having a hard time choosing which pizza to try, then why not try them all? Every one of our pizzas is made with finesse, the best ingredients, and the most flavorful spices. Order whatever you want. We also serve pasta dishes, salads, chips, and schnitzel. After finishing all of your slices, try our gelati for dessert. We have lemon, chocolate, mango, and pistachio gelati.
Once again, if you’re looking for great pizza, visit us anytime. We promise that we will be worth your travel time.

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