Taco Shack has style and delicious food

Posted on Aug 8 2016 - 2:08am by foodanddating


A selection of offerings from Taco Shack, a restaurant in Tempe AZ

If you are the person that stole my iPhone from LAX last Christmas, you likely noticed that the camera roll was as loaded with food pics as it was lacking in selfie pics.  My life tends to be measured in food. If you looked closely at the images more, trying to figure out why someone would spend so much time with tacos, you might have figured out that a number of the photos came from a single source: Taco Shack, a tiny operation in Tempe, Arizona just west of ASU’s main campus.

Taco Shack is a really clean operation, it’s in the spirit of a chipotle rather than a Mexican Taqueria. That’s fine, some of those places have really delicious food, but they just aren’t convenient for lunch in a rush. Some also have super loud music, out of the way locations and a certain seediness that is hard to pin down but you know it is there. Like some cocaine cowboys are using it as a front or something. Not the case at Taco Shack.

Their food is delicious. The tortillas are warm and have just the right amount of “chew”. The Tingas are simply amazing. They offer an “Anarcho Kale” Taco that is a big hit with the vegetarian crowd and it’s easy to see why. Check em out on Facebook or Yelp.  If you are in Tempe, AZ (like to tour ASU or something) Taco Shack is a must to check out. I’m glad they were still in operation when I went back.

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  1. Duke Upton August 8, 2016 at 3:52 am - Reply

    I’ve been here a few times for lunch, and I have yet to have something that I dislike. The scrimp burrito is stellar! I also highly recommend getting a side of the jalapeño bacon.

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