The Starter by Loaal

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The Starter is the first model in our collection, inspired by our love for traveling and our passion for discovering incredible US destinations. Now we re-worked the design to make it even more endearing and functional; sporting slightly larger rectangular lenses as well as beautiful lenses colorations paired up with rubberized frame finish for ultimate comfort. The Starters are the ultimate sunglasses for those who love freedom, fun and exceptional discoveries in their day to day life, in line with our principles and vision: The range of high quality fashionable sunglasses available at Loaal Sunglasses are affordable and up to date with the latest trends. They were designed for individuals who love to travel and each model is inspired by the adventure and personal journey everyone goes through when discovering new places and friends. When you put on a pair of sunglasses from Loaal, you will see the world in a whole new and beautiful way, and this what the meaning of life is all about. Each pair of sunglasses is distinctively designed to be original, unique and express your individual character.

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