What do pretty young women really want in a relationship with an older man?

Posted on Aug 25 2016 - 5:16am by foodanddating


It is no longer a surprise to hear stories about young girls looking for older men. The bias and prejudices from the past are finally gone and adult people can be together regardless of their age gap. The fact is older men are interested in pretty young women and vice versa. But, in order to keep this kind of relationship alive and successful, many older gentlemen are wondering what exactly pretty young women want in a relationship like this. It turns out that they want more than one thing and it’s better for these older men to learn more about these issues.

To start with, younger women looking for older men want a person who is prepared to make some changes in their life or routine just to show them they want them. Namely, younger women are sick and tired of guys who pretend that they love them and want them only to leave them when they don’t expect something like this to happen. Many older men can show younger women that they really care about them.

Another thing that pretty young women look in a relationship like this is a sense of the certain level of independence. Young couples are usually consuming every moment together. It doesn’t have to be like this when you are dating an older man because older men have experience and they know when the other side needs some time alone. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are interested only in open relationship. On the contrary, they remain faithful.

A relationship without communication is doomed in the long run. Pretty young women are not interested in older men because they need tips and advice or someone who can solve their problems. They just want someone to listen to them and their thoughts and concerns. Many of them find older men to be the perfect partners to open up to them and explain what is going through their mind. They expect to be accepted for who they are and to get some advice only if they want to.

Kindness, interest, and willingness are some other things that young women want from such relationship. They are well-aware that hard-to-catch boys and bad boys are not a serious choice when they want a long-lasting relationship. That’s why they are turning to older men who know what they want in their lives. The relationship will develop and strengthen only if both sides show interest in it and willingness to discuss any open questions and accept some compromises.

Finally, pretty young women are looking for a relationship with an older gentleman where they can feel stable and secure. Let’s be clear, no woman wants to date people who are without any ambitions in their life, broke and lost. This is something that they can’t expect from an older man because they have already proven themselves and they have managed to build something in their lives.


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