Why are Older Men Attracted to Younger Women?

Posted on May 3 2017 - 5:15pm by foodanddating


It is no secret that many older men are attracted to women who are substantially younger than them and would not mind going the extra mile to date them if they see even a small sliver of chance. The popularity of older men younger women dating sites amply attest to the fact. But why is it so? What is it that makes older men’s heart beat faster at the mere sight of young women?

The first thing that comes to mind is sex. A man’s sexual appetite (and drive) doesn’t decrease with age. As long as he is healthy and capable, his desire to sow as many seeds as he can remains as strong as ever. Women of his own age simply won’t do. With their wrinkled faces and sagging breasts, they are just not hot enough. Young women, being in the prime of their life, are physically and emotionally ripe for the picking. You can’t blame him for chasing them; it’s Mother Nature at work.

Thus, in the eyes of an unattached older man, every healthy young woman is beautiful, sensual and sexually attractive. Even an innocent look or a smile from his object of desire is enough to light up the embers of fire in his heart, and the faintest hint of sex is enough to make him drop everything and run after her like a homing pigeon.

But sex is not the only thing older men are interested in. In fact, some may not even be capable of performing in bed, such as the then 89-year-old Texan billionaire J. Howard Marshall who married the 26-year-old model and actress Nicole Smith. (Sadly, their story did not have a happy ending). Many older men actually have marriage (or long term relationship) on their mind, which means there are other things they find attractive in younger women.

This brings us to the second reason, which is to give their ego a much needed boost. Men do not want to grow old; or rather, they do not like the idea of growing old. But there is nothing they can do about it except to try to prove (to themselves and to their peers) that they’ve still got it. What better way can there be to prove that than dating a younger woman? If they can get a younger woman, their male ego goes through the roof. They feel young again.

Another reason older men prefer younger women is that they are easier to handle. Yes, young women do come with their attendant emotional baggage. They can be brash, reckless and faithless. But they can also be timid, unsure and docile. By experience, older men know how to keep them happy and make them toe the line. These men may be more interested showing off their conquest than marriage.

Some older men simply have their biological clock ticking once again and wish to start a new family after a divorce or the death of their spouse. For that to happen, they need healthy young women of breeding age. Such men are usually in search of young women who will consent to marry them after a short period of dating.

Whatever the reasons, there are plenty of opportunities for young women interested in dating older men. All you have to do is find the right younger women looking for older men dating site.

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