Ata Younan

Ata Younan

keen explorer, honest storyteller, yoga teacher/student, lover of poetry, dark comedy, and black and white photography

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Vacation with an Autistic Child

Although family vacations offer the perfect time to explore, connect, and make lasting memories, for families with children with special...

Image Source: Unsplash

Benefits of Chia Seeds

Hailing from Mexico and Guatemala, Aztecs and Mayans once used this ancient super-seed to prepare food and medicine. In prehistoric...

Edible Flowers to Eat - Food & Dating

5 Edible Flowers to Try

For as long as we've been hunters and gatherers, we have likely been consuming flowers. Nature would have it no...

3 Lessons from My Trip to Thailand

Strolling through the bustling streets of Bangkok, where swarming mega-malls neighbor thousand-year-old Buddhist temples, I bite into a steaming chicken...

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